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Open whare design

This design was a submission, in colaboration with Mitchell Stout Dodd ARCHITECTS, for the APL Relocatable Home Design Competition held in March 2019.

The design was to be constructed for a cost not to exceed NZ$200,000 +GST and to use thr Built Smart system. The house was to be not less 85 sq.m and not more than 105 sq.m, have 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom min. and have areas for living, eating and cooking.

Our design is based around a relatively open plan, with free circulation around a central services pod comprising storage, laundry and kitchen. Bedrooms are grouped together on one side of the house and share a single bathroom accessible from all areas of the house. A skylight brings light into the building’s centre.

The design aims to be healthy and well-proportioned with as great a sense of space as possible. A high roof form gives the living areas of the house a generous sense of space within the small footprint.

Joinery units are repeated where possible to reduce cost and construction complexity. All materials are standard sizes, readily available and cost effective.

Externally the house is rectangular with a simple hipped roof, timber vertical weatherboards and Hardies Exotec Façade red panels, for a splash of Pohutakawa red.

The house is designed as an open and welcoming gesture for a typical New Zealand lifestyle, whilst providing privacy for the bedrooms, two living areas with kitchen in between and plenty of storage.  

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