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Enclosing an existing deck to form a bedroom and ensuite. This is on the south-east road front side of the house and on the third level. The house was designed by Pete Bossley in the late 1990s.


The existing Hardiflex cladding was removed and replaced with vertical weatherboards on a cavity and extended to the new roof parapet on the south east exterior wall (facing the road). The existing horizontal weatherboards have been replaced with horizontal weatherboards on a cavity and extended to the roof. Existing windows have been upgraded and reused. The existing garage door has remained. The side walls have been upgraded with horizontal weatherboards on a cavity.


The ensuite provides an accessible but discrete bathroom to the home’s living area that is on the third level with storage cupboards. A skylight has been added to the kitchen roof enabling further light into that end of the room. The added bedroom is private, light and airy with adequate cupboard space.


The main bedroom on the lower level has been upgraded given the changes to the exterior cladding and windows. The entry, which is on that level, has also been upgraded.


Completed: 2020

Contractor: Leon Kennedy, Division Building Ltd

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