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Tables + Cabinetry

Table with Steel Legs:


Solid Kauri timber top 45mm thick on steel legs:

This simple table is a copy of the design of a table Peter Mark-Brown (well known NZ Architect in the 1950s to late 1970s) did for his family.


It has been done in various sizes: 900 x 1600mm; (for seating for at least  8 people) 850 x 650mm (for seating for at least 4 people) and 3m x 900mm (for seating for at least 14 people). It works well at the various sizes allowing for expansion + contraction of numbers to be accommodated for.





Ply cabinetry in kitchens, bathrooms, window seats, bookshelves and wherever else required.   Birch ply or Plytech Futura HPL with edge detail is attractive, economical and recommended in so called ‘wet areas’.

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