B.Arch Hons.

Registered Architect


Te Kahui Whaihanga

New Zealand Institute of Architect


I attended Unitec Architecture School between 2000-2005, graduating with a B.Architecture (Hons) after which I worked as a graduate architect for Pete Bossley Architects for 4 years.


I was registered in 2011 and established my own practice, Jane Waldegrave Architect Ltd at the end of 2011.


Prior to studying and practicing architecture I was a Family Therapist for nearly 20 years. Although they seem quite different professions, there are strong connections between them, for example, they are both concerned with relationships and connectedness.


I share an office with five other architects in Pt. Chevalier: an Architect's Collective. This provides colleagueship, sharing of resources, ideas and skills.







The bulk of my work is currently residential projects, alterations and small works.


I value a consultative process with clients. My focus is to bring interesting and compelling design to the project.


I am a Sole Practitioner and enjoy working with clients through the design, documentation and construction phases. I complete the preliminary and developed design stages and detailed design and documentation stages for each project. This includes submitting applications for Resource Consents and Building Consents as required. I use the 3D programme ArchiCAD which does both the 2D drawings and the 3D perspectives. Involving the clients, the builder and the engineer early on enables a collaborative approach to the cost, construction and detailing. I strongly recommend my involvement in contract administration, particularly site observation, for each project during the construction stage as it ensures the liaison between the clients, contractor, engineer and architect to complete the project as designed. 

The scale of work I am currently involved in I would describe as is significant but not huge. This focus has been similar over the last 5 years. I accept residential projects, small commercial and community projects .


For me, architecture is about designing good spaces and interesting buildings. The design must meet the purpose for the building and also constraints, including the site and budget.  I believe good living spaces lift people’s spirits.


Good spaces rather than lots of space.


It is all about aesthetics. It has to be beautiful. It has to be inspiring.








    •    Jane Waldegrave
    •    Office: 4 Raymond Street, Pt. Chevalier
    •    Postal: PO Box 47-119 Ponsonby 1144
    •    Mobile: +64 21 652 752
    •    Email: jane@waldegravearch.co.nz

2018 - 2019 Projects:

  • Entry in the Relocatable Home Design Competition with 'Open Whare' partnering with Mitchell Stout Dodd. The relocatable home design was to be constructed for a cost not to exceed $200,000 and was required to conform to design parameters compliant with the Built Smart system.  It was a good experience working with Rachel and Julian to design an open and welcoming  pavilion for a typical New Zealand lifestyle whilst also providing privacy for the bedrooms, two living areas with kitchen in between and plenty of storage.                                                                                   ​​​​

  • A bedroom and ensuite enclosing a deck to a 90's three level house on a steep site in Westmere. There are also cladding changes to connecting walls. The project required a Resource Consent and Building Consent. Construction is planned for the new year.

  • Renovating a home constructed in the mid 1990s to enable a Certificate of Compliance. This involves documentation showing: replacing some cladding and flashings; refurbishing and replacing window joinery; replacing an area of roof and an area of guttering; waterproofing a shower; installing handrails to stairs. 

  • Upgrading or replacing a 50's bach on a steep site at Piha. Currently it is being assessed for demolition as it is has asbestos contaminated cladding and roofing. A new 40 sq.m timber pavilion is proposed on the existing site that can be further developed at a later date. Additional pavilions can also be added as required.

  • Upgrading a 1950's fibrolite two level home on a steep site in Grey Lynn initially with the basement added to, to accommodate two small bedrooms with a deck above that extended out from the living area. The foundations needed replacing adding to the cost which resulted in a redesign within the existing footprint with a top deck extending from the living space. The cost estimate of replacing the foundations within the existing footprint was still too high to proceed and the project has been 'paused'.

2009 – 2017 Projects: 

  • Concept Design work for a housing trust for low cost housing for a site on Waiheke Island in late 2017.  

  • Opening up a living space onto an added covered deck and steps to a 1940s bungalow and moving a garage to allow for easier entry to the house and access to the back garden.The costing came in too high at Sketch Design stage so the owner decided to not go ahead in July 2017.

  • Adding an ensuite to the main bedroom to a 1940s bungalow. A Resource Consent was granted in November 2016 and  a Building Consent was lodged in February 2017 and the work completed later in 2017.

  • Opening up a 1970s duplex to the sun in Westmere. This involves removing two interior walls and changing the configuration of a double wardrobe. A Building Consent was required and the work completed late in 2017.

  • An extension to a villa in Grey Lynn on a steep site that includes extending the living area, adding a deck and interior steps down to an outdoor area with a bedroom, ensuite and walk-in dressing area below opening onto a courtyard and  garden. A Resource Consent is required. Developed Design was near completion when the owners put the project on hold in October 2016 as their circumstances changed.

  • Support Buildings, walkways and courtyard for a project in Samoa that would last in a cyclone and relate well to the surrounding Fale. The Support Building is to include an indoor kitchen, a bathroom that include 2 toilets and a shower  and 2-3 bedrooms that are closed in so they can be private.  This project is in the sketch design stage and progress is  dependent on funding.  It involves research of materials that will withstand cyclones. Cost, availability and  maintenance need to be taken into account. 

  •  Kitchen alteration, Westend Road, Westmere with changes to the layout and cabinetry which includes new materials  throughout and an added window seat and breakfast area. The kitchen was completed late 2016. The window seat  +  table have been designed but yet to be constructed. (See project photographs.)


  •  Deck steps to a bach at Piha that fall down the slope on an angle from the house that is set up on the Garden Road  ridge. Each wide step allows for sunbathing, reading in a bean bag or enjoying the company of friends with a  view of  the beach and sheltered from the wind by trees. Completed at the end of December 2015. (See project  photographs.)

    •  Extension to a bach at Piha to add 2 bedrooms to the north and to extend the kitchen to the east of the building; to    

        relocate the bathroom; to add a new roof to replace the existing asbestos fibrolite sheets and allow for the

        extensions; to add a new deck and balustrade to the north and west sides of the building. A Resource Consent was

        required and granted. The Building Consent was granted in late 2015. Construction was completed late 2016.


  • An interior alteration to the old sawmill in Garnet Road, Westmere. Structural interior bracing was required to both the front and back sections of the building. The front section was reconfigured as a bedroom and ensuite which includes changes to a bedroom/study wall. New joinery to the front exterior wall and landscaped areas were reconfigured to a concreted area in the front of the house and an area at the back of the house. Building Consent was required. Construction was completed early in 2016. (See project photographs.)

  • Artist’s Studio New Lynn – This is an ancillary building with two studio spaces and a covered deck between. It sits       alongside the main house with a deck connecting to it and a new entry has been created to the house. A concrete       ramp runs up to the deck. The building sits on concrete foundation walls or 'fins' and cantilevers beyond them at each end. The cladding is Ecoply Shadowclad. The joinery is timber with top hung face sliding doors used to enter the studios and main house. Building Consent was granted in 2010. The studios were constructed in 2011 and completed in 2015. This project was published in Your Home and Garden in April 2016. (See project photographs.)

  • Westhaven Utility Blocks: One block requiring to be internally altered but not extended. Shower cubicles to be

       upgraded and two new unisex wheelchair toilets added to replace a laundry area. A second block to be extended and        revamped to include four shower, basin + toilet cubicles and a laundry area to allow for four washing machines and          driers plus two sinks. This council project was put on hold near the end of 2014 due to funding issues. Documentation        was nearly completed for a combined Resource Consent and Building Consent lodgement.

    • Internal alteration to an 80’s house in Freemans Bay (in Residential 1 zone) with a new stair, raising the first floor             level, altering 2 bathrooms and changing and adding windows + doors. A Resource Consent was required. Building             Consent was granted in October 2013 and construction was completed mid 2014

    • Opening up the back of a house at Tramcar Bay, Leigh, extending a bathroom, adding a laundry and a large deck.                Resource Consent was required. Building Consent was granted in February 2013 and construction was completed in          early 2015.

    • Converting a garage into deck and storage space and opening up the living area to the sun in a 70’s duplex at One              Tree Hill. Resource Consent was required. A Building Consent was granted in December 2012 and construction was          completed March 2013. (See project photographs.)

    •  Internal alterations to a flat in a villa in Grey Lynn – developed design stage near completion when the owners      

       decided to not go ahead at the end of 2012

    • Extension to a business premises in an old villa in Herne Bay and interior alteration to the living space above with an          added deck - preliminary and developed design stages; Resource Consent was required; owners put the project on            hold early 2012

    • Replacing a garage with a Proposed Workspace / Garage, that included a bathroom and loft space, in a heritage area        in Devonport. Resource Consent was required. A Building Consent was granted in 2011 and it was constructed                    early in 2012.

    • Alteration to 70s villa in Ponsonby – a double garage, new entry and office space, moving a kitchen, renewing joinery          and adding a window seat, a new deck, pergola and swimming pool (by others). A Resource Consent was required. A          Building Consent was granted  in 2011 and it was constructed in 2012. I worked with a colleague on this project.

    • A new kitchen and dining area to a villa in Ponsonby. A Building Consent was not required. I worked with the builder          and cabinet maker throughout . It was completed in 2012

    • Alteration to a 70s house in Greenhithe which involved adding an entry and games room, extending a deck and a                swimming pool (by other). A Building Consent was granted at the end of 2011. I worked with a colleague on this                  project. It constructed early 2012.

    • Design and documentation of a ply boundary acoustic fence. It constructed early 2010

    • Design and documentation of a dining table design. 3 x tables constructed 2010 and another in 2016.

    • Design and drawings for an interior upper level layout for a house alteration, Piha involving cabinetry, table and a              windowseat. It was completed 2009. (See project photographs.)

    • Preparing Building Consent drawings for a colleague for a Toilet Block at a Meditation Centre in Helensville. Building             Consent was granted in 2009

    • Assisting a colleague with preparation of Building Consent documentation for an alteration to a villa in Grey Lynn               which was constructed in 2009.




     November 2005 – September 2009:
     Architectural Graduate

Projects worked on:
Various residential projects involving all stages from Project Initiation and Pre-design; Concept, Preliminary and Developed Design stages; Detailed Design and Documentation; Procurement; and Administration and Observation of the Contract Works. (See separate Project Record Forms) The work culminated in a large residential project incorporating two houses one new and one altered where, in liaison with Pete Bossley, I acted as the Project Architect.  


2006 – 2009: involving various small projects for family and friends including:
    •    Kitchen design for villa in Ponsonby (constructed)
    •    Design and drawings for a proposed deck and deck Steps for a bach at Piha
    •    Sketch design for a proposed bach at Waiheke
    •    Two front boundary fences - in Palmerston North+ Wellington (constructed)
    •    Sketch design of a bach renovation at Piha, constructed 2009. Did not do the documentation for Resource Consent            or Building Consent. Some design elements were changed.


2002 – 2005: Work Experience during Architecture School Holidays + Fridays – collation ofarchitectural material in particular a library of detailed drawings, model making, assistance with some presentation drawing and general office duties.








B.A. (MASSEY)  1972


    •    ArchiCAD – 3D modelling + 2D drafting
    •    VectorWorks –  was proficient in VW with 2D drafting  
    •    Photoshop – proficient  




    •    Member of NZIA
    •    NZIA Practice member

    •    2011 - current  Jane Waldegrave Architect Ltd – Registered Architect
    •    2009 -  2011     Jane Waldegrave Architecture Ltd – Architectural Graduate
    •    2005- 2009       Pete Bossley Architects – Architectural Graduate
    •    2001- 2005       Unitec Architectural student - B.Arch
    •    1996- 2001       Private Practice-  Full-time - Family Therapist
    •    1990 - 1996      Private Practice - 20 hours per week- Family therapist - Catholic Family & Community Services - 20                                          hours per week                                
    •    1984 - 1990      Specialist Services Unit, Department of Social Welfare ( 30 hours per week) - Family Therapist                      
    •    1983 - 1984       Auckland Hospital Board-  Locum Position (30 hours per week) - Family Therapist                                 
    •    1981 - 1983       Palmerston North Hospital Board (30 hours per week) - Family Therapist



    •    DOB:  30 August 1950
    •    I am sixth generation Pakeha, born in Palmerston North, NZ
    •    I am married to Nigel Mark-Brown who is an Environmental Engineer.
    •    I have four adult children.
    •    I have good health
    •    I exercise regularly