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Unbuilt projects

Tables + Cabinetry

About me


I attended Unitec Architecture School between 2000-2005, graduating with a B.Architecture (Hons) after which I worked as a graduate architect for Pete Bossley Architects for 4 years.


I was registered in 2011 and established my own practice, Jane Waldegrave Architect Ltd at the end of 2011.


Prior to studying and practicing architecture I was a Family Therapist for nearly 20 years. Although they seem quite different professions, there are strong connections between them, for example, they are both concerned with relationships and connectedness.



Areas of interest:


'Architecture that lifts peoples' spirits'


The bulk of my work is currently residential projects, alterations and small works.

I value a consultative process with clients. My focus is to bring interesting and compelling design to the project.


I am a Sole Practitioner and enjoy working with clients through the design, documentation and construction phases. I complete the preliminary and developed design stages and detailed design and documentation stages for each project. This includes submitting applications for Resource Consents and Building Consents as required. I use the 3D programme ArchiCAD which does both the 2D drawings and the 3D perspectives. Involving the clients, the builder and the engineer early on enables a collaborative approach to the cost, construction and detailing. I strongly recommend my involvement in contract administration, particularly site observation, for each project during the construction stage as it ensures the liaison between the clients, contractor, engineer and architect to complete the project as designed. 

The scale of work I am currently involved in I would describe as is significant but not huge. This focus has been similar over the last 5 years. I accept residential projects, small commercial and community projects .


For me, architecture is about designing good spaces and interesting buildings. The design must meet the purpose for the building and also constraints, including the site and budget.  I believe good living spaces lift people’s spirits.


Good spaces rather than lots of space.


It is all about aesthetics. It has to be beautiful. It has to be inspiring.

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